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C U R R I C U L U M    V I T A E




S T E V E N   C H A R L E S   C O H N,  M.D.

D.O.B.  7/29/58



Dr. Cohn is a prolific inventor, self-made, healthcare visionary and a true entrepreneur.


In May of 1980, Dr. Cohn graduated from S.U.N.Y. Albany Summa Cum Laude, with a B.A. in Psychology.  Dr. Cohn was inducted into Phi Beta Kappa and was elected President of Signum Laudis.  During his senior year at S.U.N.Y.A., he did research into the following fields:





The Fetal Alcohol Syndrome research involved administering pregnant rats increments of alcohol and determining at what levels the offspring developed the "Fetal Alcohol Syndrome".


The Organometallic Compound research involved studying the proton structure of various compounds, altering their configuration and following these changes on the NMR.


May of 1984, Dr. Cohn received his M.D. from S.U.N.Y. Downstate Medical Center in Brooklyn, New York.  During Dr. Cohn's fourth year at medical school, he elected to do research in the field of Glaucoma, at Mount Sinai Medical Center with Steven Podos, M.D. - Chairman and Professor of Ophthalmology at Mount Sinai Medical Center.  This research involved inducing glaucoma in cyanolmologus monkeys and studying the retinal blood flow alterations utilizing fluorescein angiography.


The ensuing year Dr. Cohn become a Medical Malpractice Consultant.   Dr. Cohn was hired by the law firm of Bower & Gardner, a Defensive Medical Malpractice Law Firm that specializes in hospital malpractice.  Dr. Cohn's job description was Physician Consultant which entailed overseeing the nurses and attorneys in their evaluations and preparations of various malpractice cases.  During this time Dr. Cohn began consulting

for the following agencies.


Lipsig & Sullivan - August 1985-1990

Kaplan, Friedman & Zand - August 1985-1990

Schneider, Kleinick & Weitz - August 1985 to January 1988

Medical Liability Mutual - June 1986 to 1990

Deffina & Blau - August 1985 - 1989

Eisen & Napoli - August 1985 to 1990

Friedman & Levy - August 1985 to January 1987


Dr. Cohn is the founder and president of UMR Holdings International, Universal Medical Records Information Network Corp, Universal Medical Records Ltd, American Healthcare Institute Medical Management System Inc. (AHIMMS), Sani-Teri® Inc., Telemetric Security Systems, B.A.S.E.C. Industries Ltd., and Comet Electronics Corp.  UMR provides Medical Records Management software that has pioneered the merging of the Electronic Medical Records with Telecommunications protocols.  The company also provides medical staffing throughout the tri-state area.   TSS has developed and presently holds several Patents Pending, Trademarks and Copyrights on medical/security systems that works via telecommunications.  B.A.S.E.C. holds several patents and patents pending for electronic security/communication products and services. Comet Electronics was a PC board assembly facility where various electronic products were manufactured and developed.


Guest Speaker


Spring 1991

International Mobile Communications Expo, Anaheim, CA

Summer 1991

Telocator 1991, Toronto, Canada

Fall 1992

Washington, D.C., American Public Health Association

Spring 1993

San Antonio, Texas, Ninth Annual Symposium on the Computerization of Medical Records and North American Conference on Patient Cards

Spring 1993

Venice, Italy, Patient Care with Computers and Cards, Fifth Global Congress on Patient Cards and Computerization of Health Records

Spring 1997

The National Managed Health Care Congress [NMHCC], Washington, D.C. Technology Alternatives for the Electronics Medical Record


National Television


Public Broadcasting Show - MotorWeek '91

Channel America - April 1992

WNFT, WTVX, WABN and New Orleans Teleport - May 1992

News 12 - Cablevision - June thru September 1992


National Radio


Southeast Agricultural Network - May 1992




Eagle Scout - January 1993

American Medical Association 1984

American Society of Testing and Materials - January 1990

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