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Health Services Manager, Cortlandt Manor, NY


·         Manage healthcare facility

·         Oversee business operations

·         Improve efficiency and quality in delivering healthcare services

·         Maintain abreast of new healthcare laws and regulations

·         Create work schedules

·         Maintain and organize records of the facility¬ís services

·         Manage communications with members of medical staff and department heads

·         Direct, supervise, evaluate work activities of medical, nursing and other personnel

·         Review and analyze facility activities and data to aid planning and risk management

·         Plan, implement and administer healthcare programs and services

·         Review and approve budgets

·         Control billing and collection

·         Direct personnel administration and training

·         Develop and maintain computerized record management system

·         Direct personnel activities



·         Masters in Public Health or related field

·         3 months experience in job related field

E-mail resumes to -  info@universalmedicalrecord.com


Marketing Director


Job Duties:

Direct and develop unique business propositions and business partnerships to increase company's network. Manage, coordinate and execute all marketing strategies and implement tactical plans that meet and exceed company expectations. Conduct and analyze market research to determine competitiveness. Conduct staff meetings to provide management and staff information concerning business strategies and company services. Present marketing reports to fellow management and directors.


Minimum Requirements:

Master's Degree in Marketing or any related field; or Bachelors Degree in Marketing or any related field plus 5 years of related experience; Foreign degree and/or work experience is acceptable.



Full-time; M-F; 40 hours per week


Employer Contact Information and Job Location:

Universal Medical Records

22 The Cross Road

Cortlandt Manor, New York 10567

Tel No.: 914-737-7499


Immediately Available Job Position:

Research Microbiologist Laboratory Technologist, Cortlandt Manor, NY  Handle mammalian cell lines used for HIV-1 envelope protein expression; use and maintain Surface Plasmon Resonance SPR; seed, propagate and maintain mammalian tissue culture cells; transfer them to express HIV-1 envelop glycoproteins; check protein expression by Dot-Blot analysis; purify protein by affinity and size exclusion chromatography; characterize and quantify purified protein fractions; run BN-PAGE electrophoresis and BCA method; reveal the binding and kinetic profile of monoclonal antibodies; analyze data by using BIA evaluation; do molecular cloning; supervise junior technologists/students. Master's in Biochemistry or related field + 6 mos. exp in job offered.

Experience in seeding, propagating and conducting experiments in mammalian cell lines.  Perform transfection of plasmid DNA and expression of HIV-1 envelope proteins in cell lines. Analyze and purify expressed proteins by using standard biochemical and molecular biology techniques (PAGE/ BN-PAGE, Dot-Blot/ Western blotting, protein quantitation, affinity chromatography). Hands on experience with SEC purification to characterize the protein fractions. Experienced in cloning, in-vitro mutagenesis and sequencing. Be able to independently carry out experiments on Surface Plasmon Resonance (SPR) and execute the results. Analyze the interaction between small drug molecules (including antibodies) with HIV envelope proteins. Perform the kinetic modeling on SPR generated data by using BIA evaluation. Supervise junior technologists/students

Email resume to scohnmd@universalmedicalrecord.com


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